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Skin Care & Dermatology

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A must read before starting the course:

  • First of all, consult your dermatologist to be aware of positive effect and negative result this medication may cause (side effects);
  • Take Accutane accordingly to the doctor’s recommendations;
  • Each dose of the medication requires a large amount of water (at least one glass of it) as the lack of it may cause esophageal spasms;
  • Take the medication twice a day; each pill should be swallowed whole. Don’t chew or break the pill, it may worsen its effectiveness;
  • Don’t worry if the first result will be negative and skin state will get worse. It’s normal for this medication, it is the beginning of recovery;
  • If you want to get full effect from the course of treatment make sure it is driven to the end; if you stop the course in its middle the result may disappoint you;
  • During the course don’t take vitamin A; it may worsen side effects;
  • While taking Accutane avoid direct sunlight, it may damage your skin as it gets rather sensitive during the treatment time; 
  • There exists a possibility that one course of treatment won’t be enough; it depends on the general picture of your health.

Accutane is quick to cure your skin

Skin problems don’t appear only to annoy us spoiling our mood though it may seem so. Their task is to give us a signal – there is something wrong with our body and it needs help. Rather often this signal means lack of vitamin A, which participates in oil glands release and helps them to reduce the amount of sebum.
Having discovered a connection between vitamin A and reduction of skin problems scientists created an effective aid for those who suffer from acne form rash. They gave birth to the pills which they call Accutane and it became very popular in a short period of time due to its effectiveness.
Accutane is: A kind of an A-vitamin form of medication used to deal with skin problems such as acneiform rash of all types of difficulty.